mardi, juillet 26, 2005


HULA COUGAR! DOT COM got HUMPED real good today. It looks new. Go look and tell friends.

Also there is newish song on ourspace. Go listen. It is about FROLICKING, which is something COUGARS enjoy much - almost as much as HUMPING.

HULA COUGAR! has scheduled a second perforation. This will be in ASBURY PARK, in the state of NUDE PERCEY. It is something called BIG ART SHOW. But do not be confused, HULA COUGAR! still is not art. It will be SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 10th.

Also HULA COUGAR! will do many perforations in NEW YORK CITY soon. Keep pawing at us to find out more.

PLUS! A brand new HULA COUGAR! song called "TOOBEEEEEEE-ARRRR" is to be featured on the first issue of PLASTIC LETTERS ZINE which is a casette tape compilation and zine thing in England somewhere. Far away. You probably won't be able to get it but if you can it will be worth MANY MONIES some day as they are SUPER RARELY LIMITED NEW EDITIONS!