jeudi, mars 10, 2005


HULA COUGAR! has a new web site! Well, it is the same web SITE but it LOOKS different! Now with moving things and fun pictures! Pictures from THIS internet are now on THAT internet! How did we do it? Even HULA COUGAR! does not know!

Go look at our new-looking internets at HULA COUGAR! DOT COM! and tells us what you think here in comments. Then tell all of your friends to look at it. MAKE STICKERS!

HULA COUGAR! is still working very hard on musics. Maybe new sounds will be recorded and put on the internet, but we are not sure. This is not because HULA COUGAR! is lazy. This is because HULA COUGAR! would rather you see/hear/feel HULA COUGAR! music live in a small, dark room while we jump around and screaaaaam and go GRRRRRR! and hit things, shaking air which shakes hairs in your ear which shakes your ear drums which makes you think you HEAR but you don't, you FEEL.

You understand. You must. HULA COUGAR! is about FEELING. Not FEELINGS, just FEELING. Like your thigh.