samedi, mars 19, 2005

HULA COUGAR! comes alive, makes bunnies dead.

HULA COUGAR! will play for you! We do not lie.

HULA COUGAR! ALSO has new musics on our internet. Well, internet we borrow, but still OURS! Go look at our new musics and find out things about show at HULA COUGAR! MYSPACE PAGE! It is OURspace!


jeudi, mars 10, 2005


HULA COUGAR! has a new web site! Well, it is the same web SITE but it LOOKS different! Now with moving things and fun pictures! Pictures from THIS internet are now on THAT internet! How did we do it? Even HULA COUGAR! does not know!

Go look at our new-looking internets at HULA COUGAR! DOT COM! and tells us what you think here in comments. Then tell all of your friends to look at it. MAKE STICKERS!

HULA COUGAR! is still working very hard on musics. Maybe new sounds will be recorded and put on the internet, but we are not sure. This is not because HULA COUGAR! is lazy. This is because HULA COUGAR! would rather you see/hear/feel HULA COUGAR! music live in a small, dark room while we jump around and screaaaaam and go GRRRRRR! and hit things, shaking air which shakes hairs in your ear which shakes your ear drums which makes you think you HEAR but you don't, you FEEL.

You understand. You must. HULA COUGAR! is about FEELING. Not FEELINGS, just FEELING. Like your thigh.

vendredi, mars 04, 2005

HULA COUGAR! samples and snacks!

HULA COUGAR! has been busy!

HULA COUGAR! has been eating lots of snacks lately. It has been cold, and cold makes cougars very hungry. Things HULA COUGAR! has been snacking: bunny kabobs (peanut satay is nice), beef jerky, whole chickens, and puffins.

HULA COUGAR! has also been making some sounds, some of which sound very scary and some of which sound very catchy and all of which sound very awesome. HULA COUGAR! is grateful for the technology that allows us to make the whooomp whoooomp sounds we so love, and the piiiiiiirrrnnng skrreeeee sounds that make our neighbor's dogs howl.

Speaking of neighbors, HULA COUGAR! sends extra love to Brooklyn, just like Chris Rock did on that long television show with all the bright lights and big boobs. CLINTON HILL, YO! And speaking of big boobs, HULA COUGAR! has been spending some time playing dress-up, which we highly recommend as a fun activity for you to share with friends! It is especially fun if you have cowboy boots and cougar-print lingerie! But perhaps HULA COUGAR! has said too much, although then again perhaps HULA COUGAR! can never say enough.

HULA COUGAR! Very philosophical tonight!


ps. Why does no one click the 'comments' button? Why does no one love us?

mercredi, mars 02, 2005

HULA COUGAR! finds a defenseless bunny!

HULA COUGAR! was fortunate enough to find a PRE-SLAUGHTERED BUNNY the other day! In the STREET, EVEN! HULA COUGAR! had a friend take photographs of this.

In related bunnies-for-meals news, HULA COUGAR! would like to inform you of our intention to shut down this PATHETIC PROJECT TO SAVE THIS BUNNY, TOBY, FROM BEING EATEN. Bunnies are tasty! Why waste a perfectly good meal? Especially such a cute one, as we all know perfectly well that the cuter they are, the better they taste!

HULA COUGAR! does not understand.