lundi, janvier 24, 2005

more about HULA COUGAR!

This is the blog of HULA COUGAR!

HULA COUGAR! likes blogs. This blog will be all about HULA COUGAR! Visit often to find out about HULA COUGAR's most private innermost thoughts and feelings! Also recipes for barbecuing furry animals.

HULA COUGAR! likes music. HULA COUGAR! lives in Brooklyn, in the lovely neighborhood of Clinton Hill. There are lots of good bands in Brooklyn. HULA COUGAR! discovered The Unscared Hearts on the internet and they are a very good band. HULA COUGAR! urges you to go look at their website as soon as you are done with this one!

There will be more exciting blogging from HULA COUGAR! soon. In the meantime, here is a picture of a nice, juicy bunny.