lundi, janvier 24, 2005

HULA COUGAR! will feast on bunnies

Tomorrow, HULA COUGAR! plans to devour a large family of adorable little bunnies.

You, loyal fans and lovers, will have the wonderful opportunity to witness this, through photographic evidence.

HULA COUGAR! hopes you're ready.

Also, HULA COUGAR! is not always a good speller. Feel free to point out blaring errors, but be warned that our temper might get the best of us and our usually cool cougarly ways and there is a slim chance that you will be gutted like a bunny rabbit.

Finally, HULA COUGAR! is very excited and looking forward to pawing all of our new friends that have shown up on Myspace!

*note: from now on WE think that WE will starting using WE more regularly, because it's just easier than saying HULA COUGAR! all the time, even though we do enjoy that quite a big. HULA COUGAR!