mercredi, janvier 26, 2005

HULA COUGAR! has friends on the television too!

It has come to our attention that there has been much talk about our fellow COUGARS on the television lately. Thanks to GOOGLE VIDEO SEARCH we have found that when approached by a cougar, humans should always draw a banana to distract the beast (from Good Morning America), Jay Leno lets cougars destroy his furniture (HULA COUGAR! will keep that in mind for when we visit!), an old lady on that show with Raymond thinks that she is like a cougar in the sack - HULA COUGAR! doubts this, and on Zoboomafoo some humans complain about not meeting any cougars, but then they hang out with some creepy looking furry thing that might be a lemur. HULA COUGAR! eats lemurs too, but they don't barbecue very well - try a bisque instead.