dimanche, janvier 30, 2005

HULA COUGAR! enjoys Animal Collective!

Watch Animal Collective music video! HULA COUGAR! approves! Tortoise has right idea, especially at end!


jeudi, janvier 27, 2005

HULA COUGAR! eats spam for breakfast!

This morning HULA COUGAR! could not find any bunnies to eat.


So HULA COUGAR! found a can of Spam, hoping to find some bloody, meaty goodness inside, but instead found only words.

HULA COUGAR! liked these words, and ate them happily.

"Some fishes become extinct, but Herrings go on forever. Herrings spawn at all times and places and nothing will induce them to change their ways. They have no fish control. Herrings congregate in schools, where they learn nothing at all. They move in vast numbers in May and October. Herrings subsist upon Copepods and Copepods subsist upon Diatoms and Diatoms just float around and reproduce. Young Herrings or Sperling or Whitebait are rather cute. They have serrated abdomens."


mercredi, janvier 26, 2005


Thought of the day: HULA COUGAR! is just like Hello Kitty, except awesomer! And with teeth!

Also, soon you will be able to hear the sounds of HULA COUGAR! On the internet! Yes! This internet right here!



HULA COUGAR! has friends on the television too!

It has come to our attention that there has been much talk about our fellow COUGARS on the television lately. Thanks to GOOGLE VIDEO SEARCH we have found that when approached by a cougar, humans should always draw a banana to distract the beast (from Good Morning America), Jay Leno lets cougars destroy his furniture (HULA COUGAR! will keep that in mind for when we visit!), an old lady on that show with Raymond thinks that she is like a cougar in the sack - HULA COUGAR! doubts this, and on Zoboomafoo some humans complain about not meeting any cougars, but then they hang out with some creepy looking furry thing that might be a lemur. HULA COUGAR! eats lemurs too, but they don't barbecue very well - try a bisque instead.


boil bunnies, boil!mmm... wet, tender bunnies!
gooey cheesey bunnies!bloody bunnies for HULA COUGAR! to EAT!  YUMMY!

And that is how HULA COUGAR! prepares a family of bunnies for the feasting!

Sometimes, when we feel especially frisky, we put a can of tuna fish and perhaps some sausage in as well. Try it!

mardi, janvier 25, 2005


lundi, janvier 24, 2005

HULA COUGAR! will feast on bunnies

Tomorrow, HULA COUGAR! plans to devour a large family of adorable little bunnies.

You, loyal fans and lovers, will have the wonderful opportunity to witness this, through photographic evidence.

HULA COUGAR! hopes you're ready.

Also, HULA COUGAR! is not always a good speller. Feel free to point out blaring errors, but be warned that our temper might get the best of us and our usually cool cougarly ways and there is a slim chance that you will be gutted like a bunny rabbit.

Finally, HULA COUGAR! is very excited and looking forward to pawing all of our new friends that have shown up on Myspace!

*note: from now on WE think that WE will starting using WE more regularly, because it's just easier than saying HULA COUGAR! all the time, even though we do enjoy that quite a big. HULA COUGAR!

HULA COUGAR! likes snow!

Hello world! It is very snowy here in Clinton Hill. If it is snowy where you are, HULA COUGAR! hopes you are warm and dry or cold and wet, whichever you're into.

HULA COUGAR! has gotten several queries from fans lately. "HULA COUGAR!," the fans query, "are you a boy or a girl?" HULA COUGAR! has one answer to this question: NO! HULA COUGAR! hopes that clears everything up.

HULA COUGAR! is not stupid, however. HULA COUGAR! knows that what these fans are REALLY asking is "HULA COUGAR! will you make out with me?" And to that HULA COUGAR! says... YES!

Doesn't that make you happy?



HULA COUGAR! can't actually tell you how to destroy things other than smaller animals, but HULA COUGAR! did somehow manage to break MYSPACE.COM just now. We are sure it was our fault.

But if it ever works again, HULA COUGAR! is over there on the HULA COUGAR! BAND PAGE! because apparently HULA COUGAR! is a band minus the music (for now).


more about HULA COUGAR!

This is the blog of HULA COUGAR!

HULA COUGAR! likes blogs. This blog will be all about HULA COUGAR! Visit often to find out about HULA COUGAR's most private innermost thoughts and feelings! Also recipes for barbecuing furry animals.

HULA COUGAR! likes music. HULA COUGAR! lives in Brooklyn, in the lovely neighborhood of Clinton Hill. There are lots of good bands in Brooklyn. HULA COUGAR! discovered The Unscared Hearts on the internet and they are a very good band. HULA COUGAR! urges you to go look at their website as soon as you are done with this one!

There will be more exciting blogging from HULA COUGAR! soon. In the meantime, here is a picture of a nice, juicy bunny.

dimanche, janvier 23, 2005


HULA COUGAR! testing on internet!